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Become a Coach

  1. Get your USA Hockey number.
  2. Fill out the 2020-21 Coaches Application here.  This is where you indicate an interest in being a coach for the season.  It does not guarantee you will be asked to coach.  If you spend money to complete the pre-season steps and aren’t asked to coach, the CCHA will still reimburse you for the costs incurred.  You need your USA Hockey Number for this step.
  3. Complete the four (4) pre-season requirements.  These must be done before you can get on the ice for the first practice of the season: 
  • (A) Update your SafeSport certification if necessary
  • (B) Update your background check (if necessary);
  • (C) Complete the age-group-specific modules for EACH level of team you’ll be looking to coach
  • (D) Complete the mandated concussion protocol training. Get a certificate of completion and turn a copy of the certificate you got from the concussion course to the CCHA registrar (  If you’re coaching Mites and Peewees, you need to do the age-specific modules for both levels.
  1. Wait to be notified that you’ve been asked to coach a team, either as a head coach or as one of three (3) permitted assistant coaches.  There are only four (4) coaches allowed per team.
  2. When notified you’ll be coaching, go back to the CCHA web site and complete the coach registration.  This step is required to get you rostered on a team and with District 6.  If you don’t do this, you can’t be on the bench for games.
  3. Complete your CEP certification requirements for the highest level you’re going to be coaching.
  4. Register your information with CCHA online.


These tabs have all of the necessary information and links for a potential coach to complete in order to be considered to Coach with the CCHA. Scroll though the tabs for each step and links.

USA Hockey Mandated Requirements for Coaching

We know that one hockey season seems to begin as soon as the prior one ends, but USA Hockey mandated changes in the 2017-18 season that force an even further acceleration to the process of getting ready for the upcoming season.  Because these are USA Hockey mandates that Minnesota Hockey has adopted, there is nothing we can do to provide exceptions. 

If you don’t follow these requirements, you will not be eligible to coach and will not get your volunteer hour credits. 

Just as important, if you attempt to get on the ice before fulfilling these requirements, you will be in violation of USA Hockey, Minnesota Hockey, District 6 Hockey and CCHA policies and subject to discipline.  

Additional CCHA Requirements

  • Attend the HDC Coach orientation (date TBD) to receive the coaching manual, core drill set, season expectations, tips and general discussion.
  • Team kick-off meeting - prepare your season beginning kick-off meeting to set parent/team expectations which include attendance, discipline, playing time, position rotation, introduce team volunteers, etc. Stress half-year player feedback and need for parents to complete the year-end evaluation form. More pre upfront leads to less challenges and questions during the season. Refer to the commissioner and HDC for past meeting templates.

Team Volunteer Selection

Head Coaches will be supplied a list of parents who are interested in fulfilling the additional team administrative roles (Team Manager, etc).  Once a position is filled, notify registrar at  of your Team Manager, Treasurer and Scrimmage Manager.

Direct Team Volunteers to the Team Volunteer page on the website for their steps to be rostered.

Deadline: 4 days after they accept the position.