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COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

The most recent version of the CCHA Covid-19 Preparedness Plan is in printable PDF format, above.  This document was most recently updated on October 25, 2020.  The most recent changes are in red font.

We realize this is a lengthy document and is constantly changing given new mandates and guidelines from the CDC, MDH, and MN Hockey.  The rules most frequently asked about are highlighted below for our members' ease of reference, but please read through the Covid Plan in its entirety. 

Most Frequently Asked Covid-Rule Related Questions:

1.   The majority of the rules and guidelines in this Plan come from MDH, Minnesota Hockey, Victoria Rec Center and Chaska Community Center.  All rink-related rules (number of spectators, timing, locker rooms, etc.) are mandated by the rinks (Chaska and Victoria).  Members of CCHA MUST FOLLOW these rules to allow for the best chance of our season to continue.  

2.  STAY HOME:  You must stay home if:  (1) a player tests positive for COVID-19; (2) a member of a player's household tests positive for COVID-19; (3) a player is awaiting results from a COVID-19 test; (4) any member of a player's household is awaiting COVID-19 test results; and/or (5) you are exhibiting any symptoms of illness.   Report an illness, absence, pending test status or positive test result to your team manager immediately.  

3.  MASKS - Masks must be worn by all coaches, volunteers and spectators at all times when inside the arenas.  Players must wear masks into the arena, remove before they get on the ice, and then put the mask back on when they're off the ice.  Coaches are required to wear masks when on the ice.  

4.  ARRIVAL:  Players and coaches may not enter the arenas more than 15 minutes before their scheduled ice time.  Spectators should not enter the rink until game time.

5.  DRESS:  Players should arrive to the rink as fully dressed as possible.  Bags are allowed in the rinks during the regular season.

6.  LOCKER ROOMS:  There is limited capacity at both rinks' locker rooms.   A maximum of 9 people are allowed in locker rooms at CCC Rink 2, Vic West and Vic East.  Only 7 are allowed in CCC1 locker rooms.  Additional distanced seating is outside of the locker rooms.  No team meeting or any team congregation is allowed in the locker room.  Get skates on/off and leave.

7.  EXITING:  At CCC, players can enter/exit through main arena doors.  At Vic, players should enter through main arena doors but must exit out the back rink doors (both West and East) that exit to the back parking lot.  Parents/guardians must pick up players in the back parking lot.   Spectators may enter/exit through main arena doors.

8.  SPECTATORS:  The spectator limit is mandated by VRC and CCC.  This may differ from other rinks in the area but our rinks' spectator rules must be followed.  For all players, ONE SPECTATOR PER PLAYER is allowed for games/scrimmages.  For players aged 11 and up, no spectators are allowed at practices.  For players aged 10 and under, ONE SPECTATOR is allowed at practices.   No siblings (older/younger) are allowed in either rink.  All spectators must wear a mask and maintain social distancing at all times.  At Vic,  no spectators can watch through the glass at Vic East.  All spectators at Vic East and Vic West must be in the stands, socially distanced, and absolutely no gathering in the hallways or lobby area.

9.  CONCESSIONS are currently closed at both VRC and CCC.  



For questions about the CCHA COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, please contact:

Holly Tchida

CCHA Covid Planning Team Member and Lower Girls Commissioner

Important Links

Please refer to the links below from the Minnesota Department of Health, USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey.