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COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Minnesota Department of Health Contact Info

The Minnesota Department of Health ("MDH"), a public health agency, makes the determination of whether a player or team should quarantine.  CCHA does not decide whether a player/team should or should not quarantine and does not have the authority to do so.  CCHA communicates the MDH's decision regarding quarantine to its affected members.  If your player receives a notice to quarantine due to exposure during hockey and you disagree with the MDH's determination or have questions regarding the standards, rules and/or facts leading up to its decision, please contact the MDH Sports Division directly at: 

(Playing During Quarantine:     Minnesota Hockey rules state:  "Players who are instructed to quarantine by public health will be considered ineligible for participation for the duration of their quarantine period."   Minnesota Hockey has stated that any recommendation from MDH to quarantine is the same as being instructed to quarantine, and therefore that player is ineligible to play during his/her quarantine.)

The most recent version of the CCHA Covid-19 Preparedness Plan is in printable PDF format, above.  This document was most recently updated on February 19, 2021 and reflects the newest state mandate and requirements from the Minnesota Department of Health and MN Hockey.  The most recent changes are in red font.  We realize this is a lengthy document and is constantly changing given new mandates and guidelines from the CDC, MDH, and MN Hockey.  The rules most frequently asked about are highlighted below for our members' ease of reference, but please read through the Covid Plan in its entirety. 

The rules in this Plan are MANDATORY.   These are rules mandated by the Minnesota Department of Health, MN Hockey,  District 6, Victoria Recreation Center and Chaska Community Center.    

Most Frequently Asked Covid-Rule Related Questions (recent changes in red font)

1.   The rules and guidelines in this Plan come from the Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Hockey, District 6, Victoria Rec Center and Chaska Community Center.  

2.  STAY HOME:  You must stay home if:  (1) a player tests positive for COVID-19; (2) a member of a player's household tests positive for COVID-19; (3) a player is awaiting results from a COVID-19 test and has symptoms (this does not apply to players who are asymptomatic, and no one in their household has symptoms, and are awaiting test results);  (4) any member of a player's household has symptoms and is awaiting COVID-19 test results (if a household member is awaiting Covid test results but has no symptoms, other members of the household may continue activities); (5) a coach or player is quarantined from close contact exposure at school, work or other sources; and/or (6) you are exhibiting any symptoms of illness.   Report an illness, absence, pending test status or positive test result to your team Covid manager immediately.  If a player or coach is quarantined due to exposure at school or the bus, follow all applicable quarantine guidelines.   Likewise, if a player is quarantined due to close-contact exposure at hockey, then that player must stay home from school and all other activities.  Families must notify their schools of any hockey-related quarantines.   Players or coaches who have a Covid-positive household member are not eligible for the shortened quarantine.

3.  MASKS - Pursuant to the newest state order effective 12/28/20, cloth masks must be worn by all coaches and players anytime in the arena, including while on the ice.  Players aged 5 and under are not required to wear masks when on the ice but must wear them into and out of the arena.  Clear face shields with Bauer Splash Guards are considered an approved face covering and a cloth mask is not required on the ice while wearing both the shield with attached splash guard.  (Due to the mask mandate, mouthguards do not have to be tethered.  Mouthguards are still required for 12U, Peewee, 15U, Bantam, and Jr. Gold).  Volunteers and parents must wear masks at all times when inside the arenas.   If you have a medical exemption from wearing a mask documented by a physician, please inform your team Covid Manager.  A written copy of this medical exemption must be submitted to your team and kept on file by your team manager and head coach.

4.  ARRIVAL:  Players and coaches may enter the arena 10 minutes before their scheduled ice time.   Goalies and officials may arrive 15 minutes early.  

5.  DRESS:  Players must arrive to the rink as fully dressed.  Rinks are urging players to arrive with skates on in walkable hard skate guards, if possible.  Goalies must arrive with breezers on but are allowed get chest and leg pads on at the arena.  

6.  BAGS:  Full-size equipment bags are not allowed, with the exception of goalies.   Players must carry in their helmet, gloves, stick and skates (if not already wearing skates).   Players and coaches may bring in one cinch bag or small backpack.

7.  LOCKER ROOMS:  Locker rooms are closed and cannot be used.  Limited seating will be available around the rink to tie skates, if necessary.  No dressing or tying skates allowed in either arena lobby.  

8.  EXITING:  After ice time, players cannot take off gear. They may take off skates and helmet and leave the facility within 5 minutes of the end of ice time.  At CCC, players can enter/exit through main arena doors.  At Vic, players should enter through main arena doors but must exit out the back rink doors (both West and East) that exit to the back parking lot.  Parents/guardians must pick up players in the back parking lot of VRC.   

9.  SPECTATORS:   Two adult spectators per player are allowed for games and scrimmages.  Siblings are still discouraged in the rinks but are allowed when absolutely necessary.   Siblings/non-player children must stay seated next to a parent/guardian at all times.  For Upper Level practices (Squirt/10U and up), no spectators are allowed.  For Lower Level practices (Mite/8U and under), ONE parent/guardian per player is allowed in the rink.

10.  TEAM DINNERS/SOCIAL GATHERINGS:  CCHA has adopted the guidelines and recommendations from Minnesota Hockey regarding no organized team dinners, team buses, team parties or off-ice social gatherings.  

11. PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF:  If there is a long line at the front of the rink, please do NOT double park or create a long line of waiting cars causing congestion.  Please park in the parking lot and wait for your player.  Do not arrive to pick up your player until the scheduled end of their ice time.  

12.  CONCESSIONS are currently closed at both VRC and CCC.