Parent/Team Meetings

Schedule Parent/Team Meeting.  Contact for a room at CCC or Victoria Rec Center.  If you go through coordinator you can book the room for free. Rooms are for meetings ONLY - no parties!

Parent/Team Meeting topics could include, coach expectations for the season, slush fund, team game duties/needs, team page, team events/service events, etc.

Should try and schedule for before or after one of the first practices.

Scoresheet Labels

Need to create scoresheet labels including team name (example, Chaska PeeWee C Gold), player number, player name, head coach, assistant coaches with card #, and team manager.  Labels 2 inches by 4 inch lables, 10 per page.

Template below:

D6 Scoresheet Submission Rules

Rules for submitting your Team completed Scoresheets to District 6

Team Contact Cards

Many team like to use small, compact team contact cards that have Player name and number along with parent cell phone information. The Excel spreadsheet below has 2 options in it.. 

  1. Sheet 1 is an all vertical option
  2. Combine sheets 2 and 3 to make a second option - print the player side of the card at 100% of normal size and the parent side at 75% of normal size.  Then cut them to match size, marry them and then laminate.

Locker Room Monitors

There must be one parent or coach in the locker room for practices and games  (Matching gender attendant necessary). See Locker Room policy in the CCHA Operating Policy.  

Anyone who intends to be a locker room monitor MUST complete a Background Check AND SafeSport Training. Links are above.

Please have all Locker Room Monitors read the attached procedures.

Slush Fund

Work with Treasurer, Scrimmage Manager  & Head Coach, to decide on slush fund needs. (things to possibly include are referee fees, tournament gate fees, parties, out of town tournament expenses, end of the year party, coaches gifts, team events/service events, etc.). 

Sample Slush fund on Treasurer Tab on this page.


Contact each tournament director your team is participating in to give them your contact information.  Also, verify if any money is still due for the tournament.  The CCHA Treasurer ( can also verify if gate fee is due for your tournaments.

USA Hockey Awards

Zero Award, Hat Trick Award, Playmaker Award (eligible player categories are all players Squirt/10U and above.

Minnesota Hockey has a long-standing tradition of providing our players with certain awards based on their achievements.  While the main focus should always be on the team and having fun, it is also important to reward those who push themselves to improve and attain a higher level of performance.

For that reason, Minnesota Hockey is proud to provide the following awards:

Zero Award:  For a goalkeeper playing a complete game without allowing a goal.

Hat Trick Award:  For a player scoring three goals in one game.

Playmaker Award:  For a player registering three assists in one game.

To request these awards for your team, please submit the request form below to to the address on it.

Player awards are distributed under the following conditions:

  1. The recipient is a registered player.
  2. The game was in league competition (not scrimmage or exhibition), a sanctioned tournament or a MN Hockey playoff involving only USA Hockey registered teams.
  3. The game was officiated by registered USA Hockey referees.
  4. Eligible player categories: All players Squirt and above.
  5. A readable copy of the score sheet with the players listed is required with the application.
  6. Limit of ONE of each award per player per season - i.e. one Hat Trick, one Playmaker, and one Zero

Award Request form below.