Parent/Team Meetings

Schedule Parent/Team Meeting.  Contact for a room at CCC or Victoria Rec Center.  If you go through the coordinator you can book the room for free. Rooms are for meetings ONLY - no parties!

Parent/Team Meeting topics could include: Coach expectations for the season, team game duties/needs, team webpage, team events/service events, etc.

Should try and schedule for before or after one of the first practices.

Team Contact Cards

Many team like to use small, compact team contact cards that have Player name and number along with parent cell phone information. The Excel spreadsheet below has 2 options in it.. 

  1. Sheet 1 is an all vertical option
  2. Combine sheets 2 and 3 to make a second option - print the player side of the card at 100% of normal size and the parent side at 75% of normal size.  Then cut them to match size, marry them and then laminate.