More than a Game 

Hockey develops skills that translate to all areas of life.  In addition to the athletic skills honed on and off the ice, hockey promotes teamwork, selflessness, confidence, pride, focus, perseverance, and accountability.

Friendships and Community

Teammates become fast friends and often form life-long bonds.  There’s something about working hard for one another, persevering through challenges and experiencing the highs and lows that builds a unique camaraderie.  The hockey community is welcoming, caring, gives back and often comes together away from the rink.

Set Up for Success

From learning to balance school, responsibilities at home, time at the rink and playing with friends, hockey encourages kids to learn time management skills that will later serve them in all facets of life. Hockey’s unique source of physical fitness promotes healthy living. 

Hockey is Fun!!

After all, it is a game.  One that can be played for a lifetime.  From the thrill of accomplishing a new skill in scoring the game-winner in overtime, the opportunities for grins are abundant.  Our practices are built around having fun first and foremost.  In fact, it may not even look like the players are developing their fundamentals diving on the ice, jumping over obstacles and shooting into a small net but they are!  And it’s FUN!