It is Too Late to Start My Child

No!  No experience is necessary! Most kids playing in the CCHA either could not skate or were just learning when they joined. Players start at all ages and most older Mites will catch up very quickly due to their advanced maturity and coordination! The CCHA also offers FREE clinics to get players on the ice and learning prior to the start of the season. 

Hockey is Too Expensive 

The CCHA Mite program offers half-off for first-time families and is one of the least expensive Mite programs in the Twin Cities. Comparatively, the Mite hockey season lasts longer than other youth sports (usually running from late October through the mid-March) and is very competitive with the cost of other sports when compared on a per game and practice basis. Unlike outdoor sports, there are no rainouts or makeup games so if your child is scheduled to play, they do.  Scholarships are available.

Hockey equipment also does not have to cost more than other sporting equipment. CCHA can help you find gear.  In addition, beginner equipment packs are available at some sporting goods stores.  Finally, purchasing used gear at this age is recommended as the gear is gently used and they grow out of it.

Hockey is Too Time Consuming 

A commitment is necessary to bring your skater to practices and scrimmages throughout the season. Allow an extra 30 minutes before practice to help your skater into the equipment and lace up the skates (other parents and coaches will show you how). At the Mite level, indoor practice and games are held on weekend mornings and afternoons at Chaska Community Center. Most teams will also have evening outdoor practices at neighborhood outdoor rinks during the week as weather permits. Hockey encourages families to spend time together and get to know other families in the community. These friends and memories will last a lifetime and there is truly a NO better way to get through a Minnesota winter! 

Hockey is Too Violent

All sports have an element of inherent risk as far as an injury is concerned. Hockey is no different, but it actually ranks behind football, soccer, and snowboarding for injuries in numerous studies. Studies show that ice hockey is one of the safest contact sports for children when players are properly outfitted with equipment. There is also no checking or fighting in Mite hockey leagues.