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Congratulations to the winners of the 3rd annual CCHA Raffle!

Winners will be contacted via information supplied on the ticket to confirm prize and arrange for prize distribution. Thank you to all who supported CCHA by purchasing a ticket!

Grand Prize – $7,500
Jay Schmidt

2nd Place Prize – $2,500
Annie Florek

3rd Place Prizes – $1,000
Peter Van
Holly Tchida
Jay Schmidt

4th Place Prizes – $500
Marylou Davisson
Ryan Knapp
Nick Smith
Sandra Drapeau

5th Place Prizes –  $100
Jason Marsh
Nichole Gerszewski
Tonya Bushey
Jay Jensen
Roman Blahoski
Dorothy Bergren
Andrew Brammer
Paul Bogucki
Dave Rauch
Leslie Baker

3rd Annual CCHA Raffle

Need to buy a ticket? 
Every player on any Bantam, PeeWee, Squirt, 14U, 12U, 10U, Mite, 8U, MiniMite, 6U and Termite team can help you out! 

Need additional raffle tickets to sell? 
Contact Earn incentives for each 10 tickets sold after your original allotment!

Each ticket also has discount coupons for Davanni's! Take advantage of the savings!

Grand Prize – (one winner) $7,500.00
2nd Place Prize – (one winner) $2,500.00
3rd Place Prizes – (three winners) $1,000.00
4th Place Prizes – (four winners) $500.00
5th Place Prizes – (ten winners) $100.00

March 17, 2018 - Drawing between games of the CCHA Mite Jamboree

Additional Raffle Ticket Sales Incentive Program

These tiers describe the incentives for additional ticket sales after the players original allotment:

  • TIER 1 (additional 10 tickets) = $50 in ice credit
  • TIER 2 (additional 20 tickets) = CCHA Winter hat (plus the $50 ice credit from Tier 1)
  • TIER 3 (additional 30 tickets) = CCHA long sleeve shirt (plus the $50 ice credit from Tier 1 and the CCHA Winter Hat from Tier 2)
  • TIER 4 (additional 40 tickets) = CCHA Pants (plus the $50 ice credit from Tier 1, the CCHA Winter Hat from Tier 2 and the CCHA long sleeve from Tier 3)

Tickets are all numbered and all tickets must be tracked per state law. Please take the extra steps to ensure you do not lose the packet (they cannot be replaced).  You will be held financially responsible if they are lost. 

Raffle Rules & Information

Victoria Recreation Center - 8475 Kochia Ln, Victoria, MN 55386
License # X-05135-18-003
Must be 18 or older to purchase ticket or win prize; CCHA Board Members and family members (spouse and children) not eligible to win.
Need not be present to win.  Winner responsible for any applicable fees or taxes

Thank you to our 2017-2018 CCHA Raffle Sponsor!

Sponsored by Davanni's


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CCHA Raffle FAQs

Why are we doing a raffle?

  • This is our annual fundraising effort to help reduce the cost of fees, equipment and other expenses and can add more ice for teams.

Where do I go with my completed ticket stubs?

  • The completed portion of the tickets with name and contact info can be dropped off directly into the raffle collection bins at the Vic concession stand (on top of mini-fridges at each concession stand); members can drop off completed ticket stubs at the secure raffle container.

Do I need to collect money for raffle tickets?

  • Similar to our old gold cards, the initial allocation of raffle tickets were included as part of registration fees.  Every ticket you sell from this initial allocation of raffle tickets is money you get to keep.
  • Only additional tickets requested will require additional monies to be collected from the members, at the $10 cost listed per raffle ticket.

 How do I buy more tickets to sell?

  • Additional tickets should be requested by emailing and can be arranged for pick-up up at Vic Rec Ctr or CCC; ticket numbers must be tracked, per state law, team managers will be held financially responsible if additional tickets that are purchased are lost or not turned in by the deadline. 
  • Money collected for additional tickets must be turned in by March 17, 2018.
  • Additional raffle tickets will be distributed to members in packs of 10

 Who can purchase tickets? Who is eligible to win? 

  • Anybody 18 years or older to purchase a ticket and win, with the exception of CCHA Board members and its immediate family members (i.e., husband, wife, or child of board member).

When do I need to have all completed tickets and monies turned in?

  • All collected money/remaining ticket stubs/unsold tickets on Saturday. March 17, 2018.