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Volunteer Policy

Volunteers are greatly needed to make a hockey association run, and without volunteers contributing many hours, CCHA could simply not exist. We appreciate and can’t thank the volunteers enough for the work that they do to help make all of our children's hockey experiences positive and enjoyable ones and make the CCHA program successful!

CCHA Volunteer Policy

A volunteer check is required to be on file for all levels prior to tryout/evaluations. A player without a volunteer check on file WILL NOT be allowed to participate in ANY tryout/evaluation session. NO EXCEPTION WILL BE MADE.

Please note, if a family’s ONLY participating player is a Rookie Mite or a Jr. Gold player, a volunteer check is NOT required as these levels require 0 volunteer hours.


While there is nothing stopping anyone from providing more volunteer hours than the requirements below, the CCHA needs to count on the contribution of a minimum number of volunteer hours per player to run its operations.  We believe that the CCHA is improved when everyone contributes some sweat equity to the operation.  For the upcoming season, the per-player/family* volunteer hours are as follows:

*For families with more than one player participating in the CCHA: Each family will be required to complete the number of hours associated with their oldest child’s level. The maximum number of volunteer hours required by any family is 12 Volunteer Hours.

  • Upper Level Players: 12 hours (10U, 12U, 15U, Squirt, Peewee, & Bantam)
  • Lower Level Players: 6 hours (6U, 8U, Termite, Mini-Mite, & Mite)
    Every family with a lower level player must complete at least one concession stand shift as part of their minimum volunteer requirement. **
  • Jr. Gold & Rookie Mites: 0 hours 

** Lower Level families- The required concession stand shift goes toward your required hours, not to be completed in addition to. **

The following positions will be exempt from the volunteer policy:

  • All Board Members
  • All Key Volunteers
  • All Hockey Development Committee Members
  • District 6 Board Members

The following team positions will receive full family credit (including concession shift for lower levels) for their required volunteer hours:

  • 1 Head Coach per team (Upper and Lower level)
  • 3 Assistant Coaches per team (Upper and Lower level)
  • Team Managers (Upper and Lower level)
  • Team Treasurers (Upper level)
  • Team Scrimmage Managers (Upper level)
  • Team Videographer (Upper level)

Mandatory Requirements for specific team positions to receive hours:

In order for any CCHA coach to receive their volunteer hours all USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey requirements for coaches MUST be met for the full season and they MUST be rostered on the official USA Hockey Team Roster as a Team Coach. Any and all additional CCHA requirements MUST be met as well.

Any coach that is removed from a team for an expired CEP will NOT receive any volunteer hours.

Team Manager, Team Treasurer,  Team Scrimmage Manager, Team Videographer:
In order for a Team Administrative volunteer to receive their volunteer hours, they MUST register with USA Hockey and complete all requested additional CCHA requirements that are posted for their position; background check and SafeSport modules, in order to receive volunteer hours.


All volunteer hours/activities need to be claimed through the Dibs tab on the CCHA website otherwise there is no assurance you will receive credit for any volunteer hours.

All volunteer hours and needs will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the Volunteer Committee comprised of the Vice President of Administration, Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator.

Failure to show up or find a replacement for a signed up shift will result in a $25.00 fee and applied to your account.

If you have COVID19 related symptoms or are awaiting test results and are supposed to volunteer please email:  and right away. 

Examples of volunteer hours/activities available from the CCHA:

  • Concessions: Information about concessions can be found on the CCHA website under Volunteer tab
  • CCHA Tournaments (Brick City, Jamboree, D6 Playoffs): clock, scoreboard, penalty box, announcer, welcome desk, etc.*Not all tournament hours are awarded volunteer credit, some are team responsibilities. Those for credit will be posted in the Dibs tab on the website.
  • Tryouts: Note: If you have a player trying out at a specific level then you may not work any of the volunteer hours scheduled for that level – if you work a tryout Dibs at your players level, you will not receive credit for these hours.
  • Additional needs are posted as necessary.


Examples of volunteer hours/activities that DO NOT count towards the minimum volunteer requirement:

  • Working at district games or scrimmages (penalty box, scorekeeper, running the clock, locker room attendant). These activities are a necessary part of being on an upper level team.
  • Organizing coaches’ gifts, team parties, scrapbooks, team photographer, locker room decorating, sign making and sending announcements or thank you notes; while they generate team spirit and are appreciated, are not part of our volunteer hours.



Each family is required to submit a volunteer deposit in the amount of $500. Volunteer buyouts will be $500 per family. To ensure fairness to all families, a volunteer deposit will be required from everyone. This will be collected via check. The check will NOT be cashed UNLESS the volunteer hours are not fulfilled. No checks will be cashed until the end of the hockey season. All volunteer checks, with the exception of those that will be cashed, will be destroyed at the end of the season. CHECKS WILL NOT BE MAILED BACK TO YOU.

Please mail your volunteer deposit check to complete your registration.


Please mail payment to:

CCHA Attn: Volunteer
PO Box 1006
Chanhassen, MN 55317