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Volunteer Overview

We Need our Volunteers

Volunteers are greatly needed to make a hockey association run, and without volunteers contributing many hours, CCHA could simply not exist. We appreciate and can’t thank the volunteers enough for the work that they do to help make all of our children's hockey experiences positive and enjoyable ones and make the CCHA program successful!

Role Descriptions for our Board positions, Key Volunteers and Team Volunteer roles can be found at the bottom of this page.


Volunteer Policy

Kelly Olson

Volunteer Coordinator

How to sign up for a shift

To Sign Up for shifts, click on the shift in the lists below this text OR go to DIBS (on the top right side of the tool bar across the top of the website)

Once there, select the "Session" that you would like to view shifts that are available.  Available volunteer shifts can be found by looking at the LIST VIEW or the CALENDAR view. Clicking on an item will give you a description as to what the volunteer shift entails (i.e, Clock, Concessions, etc), as well as the number of hours you will be credited once the shift has been completed.  Shifts will be posted as either Volunteer Credit or Ice Credit. Make sure you are aware of the type of shift you are signing up for, as this is not something that can be changed after the fact. 

You can also use the DIBS tab to view your scheduled shifts and to track your volunteer hours.

NOTE:  YOU CANNOT SIGN UP FOR TRYOUT SHIFTS AT THE LEVEL YOU HAVE A PLAYER (i.e., if you have a Peewee, you cannot sign up for any shifts designated "Peewee tryouts".


At any time you have the right to cancel your shift by doing so in your sportsengine DIBS account. Go into your account and click into the shift - you will see the option to cancel. 

On each volunteer shift there is a non cancellation window that will vary depending on the DIB item itself, during this time cancellation is not guaranteed. 

During that window you cannot simply cancel your shift, you either need to find someone to fill in your spot, make it work or take the "no show" fine. Simply requesting a cancellation during this non cancellation window DOES NOT release you from that shift. 

If you made a mistake or have an emergency you need to contact Kelly Olson - immediately regarding your shift.

There is NO requirement for Ice Credit shifts- please disregard the 1 hour requirement stated on the Ice Credit Dibs Session.  This is only used for tracking purposes.