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The form and content of this Request for Fixed Bid (“RFB”) is designed to enable the Chaska Chanhassen Hockey Association (the “CCHA”) to rapidly evaluate proposals from Bidders.  Respondents to this RFB (“Bidder”) are expected to follow carefully the instructions below. Any failure to strictly follow such instructions may result, in the sole and exclusive discretion of the CCHA, in the disqualification of the Bidder at any time.

The objective of this RFB is to improve the quality of and services relating to the team hockey jerseys and socks procured by the CCHA for its members for use during the CCHA season.

Respondents to this RFB will be short-listed after an evaluation of responses/proposals received and will be subject to final negotiations as necessary. Bidder’s response must be clear enough to enable the CCHA to understand how Bidder shall provide a compelling value proposition.


All activities carried out by the selected Bidder must be consistent with and support the CCHA brand and its mission. CCHA members cite trust, security, and superior customer service as attributes they associate with the CCHA brand. It is important that Bidder and the products and services it provides to the CCHA support these attributes.


CCHA is seeking to select “Preferred Bidder” who is capable of supplying high quality goods and services. CCHA strives to create a partnership with its Preferred Bidders; therefore, full disclosure of prices and costs to do business as well as operating practices are a must.

Key evaluation criteria include but are not be limited to the following (not arranged in order of importance):

  1. Price.
  2. Quality of the goods to be sole to the CCHA.
  3. Financial stability and longevity of the Bidder.
  4. Prior relevant business experience in supplying reliably the goods sought to be procured by the CCHA.
  5. Current capabilities and the ability to meet or exceed specifications.
  6. Reputation backed by verifiable references.
  7. Ability to service and manage the CCHA relationship.
  8. Flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace and CCHA requirements from season to season.
  9. Quality of people, services and delivery.
  10. Innovation related to overall procurement, including but not limited to approaches/experiences that include sponsorship as a means to reduce CCHA capital and expense.
  11. Shared experiences in how you have managed uniform procurement where numbers at a given level exceed 100 players (and the purchaser seeks a sublimated product offering).   Shared case studies and examples will be thoughtfully considered and those who can demonstrate success with associations where a level may have more than 100 players will be given favorable treatment.
  12. Other distinguishing and competitive characteristics of service offering.

Based on CCHA’s experience, the following parameters are being sought by Bidder as the CCHA’s best working assumption of what we best believe meets the needs of our members

  • High quality, single season jerseys for all CCHA Bantam, PeeWee, Squirt, Junior Gold, 15U, 12U, and 10U teams. Based on past years registration numbers, CCHA estimates 400-450 uniform sets will be needed for the 2019-20 hockey season.
  • Bidder to provide CCHA with 2-3 design options to choose from for home and away jerseys post bid award.
  • Jerseys are expected to have a player’s last name, number, and team’s sponsor.
  • Sock options in knit and dry fit mesh should be provided.
  • To ensure proper uniform fit and to minimize CCHA cost to maintain extra inventory, CCHA requires individually sized jerseys and socks per player rather than team sets.
  • Jersey and sock sizing events (2-3) within CCHA boundaries with option for player sizing at Bidder’s location.
  • Online store for ordering properly sized uniforms, options for CCHA payment or individual player payment.
  • CCHA registration typically closes on August 31st and uniforms need to be available once teams are formed. Typical team formation dates (subject to change): Bantams ~September 30, PeeWee/12U ~October 7, Squirt/10U ~October 15, Junior Gold/15U after High School tryouts
  • As mentioned above, multiple levels exceed 100 players so CCHA is looking for best practices or creative ways for players to select a number without using triple digits.
  • Fully completed uniform sets will be packaged by team for easy distribution.
  • In the event of late registrants, for example, new player move-in, CCHA needs the ability to procure expedited uniform sets.
  • Additionally, CCHA will procure practice jerseys for all teams mentioned above. Bidder is welcome to include options for these jerseys in RFB response.


  • At a minimum the RFB, must include specificity related to the following parameters:
  • Bidder will acknowledge receipt of this RFB and notify the CCHA of its intention to supply the required information by May 15, 2019.
  • Any questions or requests for clarification concerning this RFB must be submitted via a single e-mail to as soon as possible.
  • All responses to this RFB must be delivered to the CCHA via a single e-mail to on or before May 31, 2019.
  • Submission of a full financial proposal inclusive of the following sections:
    • Cover letter
    • Contact information
    • Contract terms and conditions
    • Financial terms
  • The CCHA expects to complete the vendor selection process within forty-five (45) days after the due date for bids.  


Chaska Chanhassen Hockey Association
P.O. Box 1006
Chanhassen, MN 55317

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